Running a culinary business does not only require a business mind but also calls for an artistic sense. To make your restaurant business success you need the right types of equipment, a well-trained staff, and a sound system that aid the running of the restaurant. Inventory management is a crucial area when you are running a restaurant business. You need to be adequately stocked and focus on minimizing the possible waste. When you combine your passion to deliver a perfectly cooked meal coupled with a sharp acumen for business you are sure to run a successful restaurant. But in many cases, these are not the only requirements, you need money to run your business, and that means you need to know how to manage your finances. Revel, a software that is installed on iPad is one such software that can help you operate the point of sale for your restaurant successfully, along with an effective and efficient inventory management.


When a diner purchases Revel’s POS restaurant, they are buying a complete package. The Revel comes with a pre-programmed hardware and an iPad. The iPad POS is the central monitoring unit. The hardware that is included in the purchase of the Revel software are:

  • An iPad that has the whole Inventory management feature along with information for POS retail.
  • A payment device, this device can be used to swipe card, and the transaction gets recorded through the POS restaurant software.
  • A stand that has the POS terminal.
  • The router along with a Wi-Fi access terminal for the devices involved. This provides the network that helps the devices connect and send the data to and fro.
  • A POS based printer that prints out the receipts at every transaction. The transaction can be a simple cash payment or through a credit card.
  • The hardware also contains a secure cash drawer, where the change and the paid cash is kept. The drawers opening and closing is also recorded, and the terminal connected with the drawer has the whole data about the different denominations of currency notes available.
  • Weighing scales, that can be used to price the food according to their weight age.
  • The POS setup for Revel also includes coin dispensers.
  • Barcode scanners are also a part of the whole setup.

iPad POS is quite a new trend, and it is still catching up. Restaurants still prefer using the traditional method of documenting each transaction and using the old swipe machines for the credit card payments. Revel is a revolutionary software that comes as a complete package and has helped improve the point of sales for the restaurant and at the same time providing an effective and efficient inventory management for the restaurant.


There are different types of POS setups that are available in the REVEL package.

For a quick service Revel software offers the following features:

  • A menu board that is digitally available and can be used for selection.
  • A feature to customize the menu according to the customer needs.
  • An additional feature that helps in updating the customers in real time about their orders. For people who have ordered the food for home delivery, remain updated about their orders and are notified when the order has been dispatched.

For the gourmet restaurant and bars:

  • The iPad POS has the whole details of the inventory of available ingredients.
  • It also suggests the table layout and allows the customers to chose from the different settings.
  • The orders are recorded as per the tables they have been given. This reduces the room for errors.